Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's Up With The X Mom Gang?

The Gang has undergone some changes and new members have been recruited. We moved almost two years ago and the boys figured I wasn't nearly busy enough so they found a few more Mascots to join the family. Ebony is an 11 year old black lab who was given to us when her previous owner moved into an apartment and couldn't take her, Fats is almost a year old and became part of the family as a puppy when Scooter looked up at me with his gorgeous brown eyes and said "please mommy?" What was I supposed to say "no".. yeah right. He is a beagle and basset hound mix.. very interesting to look at. Diesel,a miniature Dachsund was given to me for my birthday by my Grandma and he is the best dog ever. So the craziness around here is definitely maxed out most of the time.

What's Going on with the Kids?

Smarty Pants started a new school at the beginning of this year and is in love with it. He is doing well, can almost write his name, and has gotten his first letter grade. He got a C in math, not a P for progress or a S for satisfactory.. He got a C.. I am so proud of him.

Renegade Doodle is doing well in school, this is his last year in the Early Childhood Special Ed program and things are looking bright for him. So far we are planning on mainstream Kindergarten woo hooo!! Go Doodle.

Scooter is going to star the Early Childhood program in two weeks, and I am not handling this well. He's my baby and I was determined to keep him till he was 5. I am worried for him because he hasn't been away from home much. He doesn't seem to be worried he is excited.. hasn't stopped asking about school.

Update on The X Mom:
I returned to college this Fall, and have chosen Occupational Therapy as my major. I will graduate from a local community college in May, then move on to an University in the Fall of 2011. The program that I have chosen is a condensed program. It takes 3 years to graduate with a Masters in OT.. I am hoping to start writing again I really miss it and I definitely have tons of stories about the gang to share.

Be prepared for more from The X Mom..