Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday we tried the plan...

Yesterday after Jeremy got home from school I tried the Game Plan, and it worked. Only two tantrums occured and they were both mild. We got to enjoy some time outside so half the rebound period was spent running... then we came inside for some sense sational fun. We started out with sparkle bags (glitter, sequins and water in ziploc bag) then we went old school and played in beans and rice. The kids made a huge mess but considering I had 6 children participating it wasn't too bad. They ALL left me alone while I prepared dinner and cleanup was fairly easy. I'm hoping that I can continue to keep the kiddos occupied and tantrums reduced during the prime hours. Wish me luck.. if you've got any great sensory ideas please share them.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Game Plan

Today I met with Nell, for a few hours to brainstorm and develop a game plan. Here's what we came up with. Thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Happy Consistent Persistent and Calm
Positive Tone of Voice
1. Avoid tantrums
A. Appropriate Phrases
“Good choice” “Poor choice” - Reward “good choices”
If __________ then_________
When _________ then_________
________ is not available. You may have _____ or _____
Ex. Moonsand is not available. You may have markers or play dough. * Do not add other options, keep the options that are available the same *
B. Avoiding over stimulation will decrease the likelihood of tantrums.
1. Use sensory activities to reduce over stimulation. Gives and outlet for the “extra” energy.
2. Sensory activities should be offered during “rebound period” caused by medication wearing off. Typically occurs from 3:30p till- 5:30p
2. Avoid triggers
A. No / Now
1.Find alternatives such as “ You may not bite me you may ______ .

3. Reward positive behavior
A. “Catch” children behaving positively and give verbal praise and / or small rewards such as stickers.
B. Define “nice” with concrete examples instead of just saying “be nice”.
Ex. “Be nice, give PERSON a THING (hug, kiss, toy etc.)

4. General House Rules
A. Table Rules
1. “Sit right”
2. When eating you must stay at the table, if you get up your “finished”
B. When coming in from outside:
1. Hang up coat and backpack
2. Put shoes away.
C. No "hurting"

We will be following these guidelines over the next few weeks and monitoring changes in the boys behavior.. I'll keep you all posted.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ignoring is bliss

I have truly missed bloggyland. I have been so tied up in trying all these new techniquest with the boys that I am too tired at the end of the day to blog. Plus I am trying to stick to the rule of NO COMPUTER while the kids are awake.. and yes I am cheating right now. The technique that has been the most effective is also the hardest to follow through with, and that is ignoring. I never thought that ignoring a childs misbehavior would be so draining and hard to do. Nell is showing me the in's and out's of ignoring and the proper way to do it... I giggled at her when she first mentioned ignoring the kids to me.. but she has it all broken down to a science. Smarty Pants is putting Nell and I both to the test daily... to see if we really can ignore him for long periods of screaming, hitting, throwing things, destroying his room.. and many other misbehaviors.. and so far I have been successful.. It is such a weird feeling to be proud of ... YEP I said it I AM PROUD OF MYSELF FOR IGNORING MY CHILDREN... LOL! This is off topic but I just choked on my coffee and spewed it all over the floor beside me... thinking maybe a higher power doesn't think the ignoring is such a hot idea... hmmm.. Well I just wanted to update you all and let you know that the boys and I are doing well. I still have hair and the boys are breathing.. Troy on the other hand may no longer be with us if he doesn't get his shit together and get on board with the programs. But that's an entire post on its own.. Look for my upcoming post about my girls night out adventure that I had Friday night.. it's truly hilarious.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Day Hands On..

After months of begging and pleading and filling out paperwork my family was finally approved for in home behavioral therapy services. Services began last Monday and to be honest I was a bit skeptical when she left two cd's from the Total Transformation Program (the one you see on late night infomercials) But the disc had some valid points and it's not all the therapist has up her sleeve. Yesterday after she left things didn't really go as planned and Hubby and I argued most of the evening because I was stressing because he wasn't following the *ground rules*. Which are NO TV OR COMPUTER WHILE THE CHILDREN ARE AWAKE... I am considering rehab for my blogging addiction... LOL! Nell (Therapist) leaves assignments for us each time she visits and then we report how things went... so far it has been pretty easy but today she left my first hands on down and dirty assignment.. I had to start implementing some of the techniques she demonstrated.. It's pretty basic stuff, ignoring tantrums, rewarding positive behavior, following thru with commands and directions. MY PERSONAL ASSIGNMENTS: 2 days of 30 min workout, Apply for Pell Grant- check on childcare funds that are paid via Pell Grant, Tell children what to do not ask them ( I have a bad habit of saying why don't you.... instead of go do... ) These are to be completed by Thurs. Implementing the techniques was harder than I had expected but was tremendously rewarding. They didn't work at first and still aren't working entirely but even in one afternoon things have changed. My children haven't changed but my self esteem has sky rocketed I have more confidence as a parent. I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a "single mom" approach to parenting even though I am not single. I can no longer blame my husbands parenting issues on why I lack effective parenting skills.. I must hold myself accountable for my actions and decisions as a parent. Well I must go.. I have PECS charts to work on and Nell will rip me a new one if my homework isn't finished... For those of you have children with behavior problems what works best for you? How do you handle tantrums? What is your bedtime routine? What ground rules do you have in your home?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weiner Confusion

I was watching my absolute favorite show Chelsea Lately and she commented on this story. Apparently a Russian man had his penis bitten off by a raccoon.. What kind of man puts his penis near a raccoon??? Surely it wasn't the raccoons fault I mean she probably thought it was an Oscar Mayer Weiner not a Russian one.... I'm sure that those pervs over at PETA had something to do with this.

If the raccoon was posed like this she was asking for it.... LOL!!!
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Music Monday

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