Monday, October 6, 2008

Playing Tag..Seven Random Things About Me

I was tagged by FXSMom over at Fragile What!?
1. I have 3 tatoos: A sun on my ankle, a moon on my shoulder and a butterfly on my lower back
2. I will only drink coffee if I have French Vanilla liquid creamer
3. My dream career is to become a special education teacher, second choice would be pediatric nursing.
4. I regret having my tubes tied.
5. I have my tongue pierced
6. I have been a SAHM for almost 5 years now.
7. I follow Flylady faithfully.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I could see the tatoos and piercings...everything but #7! Never pictures you as a

Holly's Mom said...

Love the Tatoo's

What is flylady??

Pediatric Nursing is a great job, in high demand, there is a shortage, so you would make buku cash, and could call the shots (I work at a nursing college - for 4 more days) Are you thinking about goign back to school work sometime soon?