Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sense Sational Cooking

Tonight I decided to do some fun cooking... As most of you know my home is blessed w/ sensory activities for several hours a day.. so I thought I would try out some of the famous recipes I've had laying around for things like Silly Putty, and Playdough.. well I started with Silly Putty.

I looked at the recipie and it had two columns, column A and column B. Me being the genius that I am did not read the entire recipie and figured that it was two variation of the recipie and both would result in silly putty. I measured my glue and poured it into a mixing bowl, only to discover that you had to make both A and B then mix them together. I didn't have all the ingredients for A so there I was stuck with B and no A . I poured the glue into a smaller bowl and moved on to the Gloop recipe... simple equal parts cornstarch and water... well I followed that recipe precisely and didn't get gloop I got orange water... did I give up? No The X Mom never gives up.

I thought fast and dumped my small bowl of Elmers glue into the cornstarch water and mixed it up... This gave me very sticky orange liquid... DUH!! No way are my boys going to like this I thought. So I began racking my brain for something that would help dry up the liquid but not get sticky and it hit me SALT!!! So I ran to the pantry and got a container of salt and dumped half of it into the mixture and it turned out AMAZING!! I ended up with squishy crumbly orange goodness, the texture is similar to scrambled eggs... I'm considering this experiment an act of true genius creativity.. if this recipe already exists please do not tell me let me have my moment.

Here's the recipe in case any of you would like to make it on purpose... LOL!

1c Cornstarch
1 c Water
1-2c Elmers Glue
Thoroughly mix cornstarch, water glue and food color, add salt until desired texture is achieved.
Hey Diane how ya like them paragraphs?? Check out Diane's blog Good Mourning Glory it's killer.


Holly's Mom said...

That is awsome. We did the Cornstarch, Watcher and Food Coloring to make finger paint. it was gloopy and Holly really liked the texture. Your experiment sounds wonderful.

Anne said...

I think you are genius! It sounds like a wonderful thing to play with and I bet everyone loved it. I have never heard of it so congratulations on creating a new activity.

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