Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on the Gang

Attention all citizens of Bloggyland... The Gang Headquaters are soon to be relocated... Someone has actually found it in their hearts to overlook our not so perfect credit and sell us a house!!! No more renting for the Gang. Ugh... just a sec... Renegade Doodle has the PB out of the cabinet and is eating with his fingers straight from the jar... K I'm back helped him find a spoon. Eating out of the jar w/ a spoon is acceptable right? Hmmm maybe I should ask Nell... LOL! Yeah right... she'd probably rip me a new ______.

Please excuse me if this post his hard to follow, I'm in a random mood this eveing. Smarty Pants was sick most of last week and is still recovering from being spoiled for 4 days, Scooter still has a darn ear infection and is learning all about tantrums from his older brothers, and Renegade feeling left out of the game has been faking sick everyday a few times a day for the past 2 days.

Nell came by yesterday and well we didn't get anywhere all my structure pretty much went to s*** when Jeremy got sick, and it showed. Troy finally got called back to work after a two month layoff-- but lost $1 and hour and got stuck on 3p-11p until his old position opens back up. Excuse me again Renegade Doodle just informed that there "a mess right there" He's pointing to the floor where he just dumped a sippy full of water... guess that will teach me to give him water huh?? Well I'm off to clean that up...Hopefully I shall return... Oh one more quick thing.. SP's meds have been adjusted to 15mg Focalin XR and 10mg Prozac each once daily then Melatonin at night as needed for sleep.


Diane said...

paragraphs woman, paragraphs! lol! my brain hurts!

glad to hear about the house!

sounds like things have been a little wonky around there with all the sick and fake sick going on.

hope that all clears up for you soon!

TheXMom said...

Ahh... paragraphs... I knew I was missing something.. LOL!

Sarah said...

Ok, is it bad that I followed that just fine even without paragraphs? I've been hanging out with you for too long! Hugs to every one real or fake sick or just plain old tired (aka Mommy)!

Veronica Lee said...

I'm glad to hear about the house too.

Holly's Mom said...

So sorry to hear the kidlettes have been sick and that has thrown your plan out the window. I am excited that you are getting a house, but not that you actually have to pack up the gang to move it. Good Luck with that.

Julie Fletcher said...

Congrats on the house! We're trying for a loan, but our credit bites.

Hope everyone is feeling better by now!