Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everlasting Alternative "F" Bomb

I may have mentioned this in a previous post but I don't think so. Awhile back Smarty Pants picked up the "F" word, and used it well. We struggled for weeks trying to get him to stop, we tried time out, telling him it was a "poor word choice" nothing worked.. Then finally a brilliant speech therapist suggested we substitute f*** with fox. This ofcourse made me giggle ALOT!! So we tried it. Every time SP would drop the "F" bomb it would go a little something like this

SP: "F*** you.." (not talking to anyone directly)
Mom: Fox, where did you see a fox, I didn't see a fox
SP: No, said F***
Mom: No, you didn't see a fox
SP: Me say F***, no fox
*At this point I would give up and go back to ignoring the "F" bomb.. and try the substitution again later**

After a month or two of replacing the "F" bomb with fox, SP finally complied, but it didn't work out like we had planned. We had all hoped he would just stop using the "F" bomb all together but instead he did the opposite, instead he literally substituted Fox for f***.. Blessing our family with the following phrases, that he in fact does use ... and now so do I.

That's foxed up
What's the foxing problem
Fox you
Your foxin' crazy
Shut the fox up ....
That's foxin ridiculous... (my personal fav)

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Check out this video blog at Momversation about cussing in front of your kids.. but be preapared to hear the "F" bomb and a few others


spec said...

My sister is a speech therapist.
I will have to show her you new speech therapy program! LOL

Sarah said...

Oh for the Love of Pete! That's my go to. But of course the other day I let a "da**it" go and who was there but Little Miss Vocabulary Builder herself. Her version is Dand-it but the point is still there. Mommy of the Year! That's me!

Sarah said...

I love that story! Made me laugh out loud. I think we're going to have lots of fun when our little guy starts getting more verbal.

Holly's Mom said...

This is hilarious.. Via Battlestar Galactica I have already started to say Frack, and another mommy blogger used Feck, but as with fox, it is sorta the same intent even if the word is subsituted.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm giving you the 'Honest Scrap' award for your awesome blog. Get it from my blog.

Julie Fletcher said...

Oh, I wish I'd thought of 'fox' months ago. All o m kids picked it up and use it well.

I HAVE NO CLUE where they heard the words. No foxing way it was me.

Anonymous said...

it's some miracle of God that my kids don't throw the F-bomb around. Aidan used to for a couple of weeks and suprise, suprise - when I stopped. he stopped. I've since commenced using it but he just scolds me instead of repeating it.