Wednesday, August 13, 2008

March 16 2007 - Dr's Ofc, Blockbuster and Foodlion

March 16- Today wasn't as full as planned, the playdate and school Spring Fling were cancelled due to bad weather. So, we went to the Dr's appointment, Blockbuster, and Foodlion. Here's how it all went down. The Dr appt went great, hubby stayed in the car while I went in and they forgot to ask for my $200 payment. Everything with baby # 3 looks good. Next stop Blockbuster. We pull into the parking lot, hubby runs in I stay in the car with the boys. He's in there for 35 min. How long does it take to pick out a movie??? The kids are screaming, and Jeremy has taken his shoes off and helped William do the same. I'm thankful that it was just shoes and don't say anything. Finally hubby returns to the car with five movies, none of them movies the kids or I will enjoy all stupid action movies. I'm slightly frustrated at this point because I sat in the car for 35 minutes with screaming kids and don't even get a movie out of the deal. But I let it go, after all hubby was in the car with them at the Dr's. Foodlion here we come. We get to the grocery store and it's snowing like crazy. I load William into the cart and Jeremy walks along. Hubby decides to go smoke a cigarette and says he'll be back in a minute. I begin shopping. So far so good, no moments. We get to the canned goods aisle and Jeremy starts putting any and everything that looks interesting in the cart. So I make a deal with him, he can put items in the cart but only what I hand him. He is satisfied with this arrangement, problem solved. Jeremy quickly looses interest in putting the items I select in the cart and decides it would be best if he take off his shoes and run around like a wild child in his socks. This does not go over well with other shoppers or management. Hubby is still gone, apparently one cigarette just wasn't enough and he started on a carton. I get Jeremy's shoes back on and we leave the canned goods, moving on to the dairy department. Cheese and milk are all we need on this aisle, easy enough right? WRONG!!! As I am putting packages of shredded cheese in the cart William begins throwing things out of the cart. We play a few rounds of pick up and finally William gets bored with the activity and stops. I'm on the verge of loosing it. I put two gallons of milk in the cart, look around and Jeremy has ran back to the yogurt. I sigh, and push the cart up to him. He has a carton of Shrek smoothie drinks and wants me to get them. I tell him "no" because we bought them last week and he didn't like them. He stomps his feet and holds on tight to the package of drinks. I take a deep breath, and begin prying the smoothies out of his arms. Everyone in the dairy section is staring at me, so I give everyone the WTF are you looking at glare, and head for the check out. Well since hubby still hasn't made it back into the store, I have no money. Oh yeah I forgot, William took his shoes off somewhere between the milk and yogurt, and I didn't notice till we got to the check out area. This is where I loose it. I push the cart into the frozen food area grab the kids, don't bother looking for William's shoes and head for the door, prepared to cuss hubby. I get to the cart area and he's standing there ON THE PHONE!!! He looks at me and smiles, I give him a dirty look. He says " I gotta go" to whoever he's talking too and we walk back into the store. He asks me where the cart is I say " Well I was on my way to the car to tell you if you wanted any groceries go find the cart and pay for them" He says "Oh well I would have just left the s*** there " I say " Fine with me" and begin marching back out of the store, I calm down slightly and turn around. I figure buy them now or do this again tomorrow. So I hand Jeremy off to hubby and push the cart into the nearest check out line. Hubby sees our neighbor and starts talking to him. I'm okay with that, until the cashier is done and hubby is still running his mouth. I yell across the store that I need some money, and he comes and pays for the groceries. I start pushing the cart toward the door thankful that it's all over. Luckily I look down and see William's feet, and remember his shoes are still in dairyland. I leave the cart set and go get William's shoes, they were inside the cooler beside the sourcream. They ended up there one of two ways, he threw them there or Jeremy helped take them off and thought it would be funny to put them there. Shoes on his feet William and I head for the nearest exit. We get to the front door Hubby is still standing there, looking at the receipt. I put William back in the cart and begin pushing it out the door, hubby remains standing by the door. I yell in a very sarcastic voice "don't worry honey I've got it, no help needed here" He looks up apologizes and we finally make it to the car. Ugh.. I notice I forgot bread, and send hubby back in for it. He's quick about it and eventually we are on the way home. The entire drive I'm thanking Rockingham County schools for cancelling the Spring Fling, and hoping the day gets better, because it's not even 2 in the afternoon yet.

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