Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today I Learned So Much

Today I spent a great deal of time with my grandpa and my two oldest boys, Jeremy and William. Oh what a learning experience. This was the first time that I spent practically all day outside our home with my boys and Pap, so many of my sons behaviors were explained.
The first thing that I now have an explanation for is my boys desire to pull down their pants and pee in bushes at parking lots. Well that is exactly what Pap does when they gotta go pee. He is 75 years old so taking two boys into a store to use the bathroom just can’t happen so he pulls over to the end of the parking lot and lets them pee in the bushes.. This has been an issue with us for quite sometime and now I know why they do it. The next thing I learned is why they come home from outings with Pap hyper and excited, he feeds them chocolate bars all day and gives em’ a little Pepsi to wash em’ down, and to think I thought it was because Pap made them that happy with his personality and charm. I was way off base there. These explanations were provided while running some errands in town, once errands were over we headed for Pap’s little patch of mountain heaven we call the Hog Pen.

The Hog Pen is nothing more than a few acres of land in BFE. The first thing the boys do once we hit our private back road is get out of their car seats. Pap is okay with this because it’s a private drive in the middle of nowhere. Well my boys get out of their car seats when I have them in my van every time we are on a back country road, which is quite often, I’ve been trying to get them to stop this for some time now so I was ecstatic to find the cause of this behavior. We pull up to the camper that Pap leaves in the mountains year round and the first thing he tells the boys to do is “feed the bears”. Jeremy and William get out of the van, run across the gravel road and come back with two metal tubs. Jeremy goes into the camper and gets corn and fills his tub, and Pap opens a large barrel filled with old bread for William. The bread is still in the bags so William tears them open and dumps them in his tub.
This was great manly fun for the boys, but my dear William has brought his wonderful bread bag tearing skill home over the past few weeks. He has torn open loaf after loaf of bread, and dumped them into my large metal mixing bowl more times than I can count. I have been racking my brain trying to understand why he was doing this well now I know, and can work on getting him to understand that bread dumpin’ aint cool unless your feeding the bears. Even though Pap is the source for such poor behavior I consider myself and my boys blessed to have him in our lives. He is a wonderful man and we love him.

"Renegade Doodle" Feeding the bears "Smarty Pants" Carrying the tubs

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Anonymous said...

lol...sounds like Paps needs grounded!!