Thursday, February 26, 2009

Game Plan

Today I met with Nell, for a few hours to brainstorm and develop a game plan. Here's what we came up with. Thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Happy Consistent Persistent and Calm
Positive Tone of Voice
1. Avoid tantrums
A. Appropriate Phrases
“Good choice” “Poor choice” - Reward “good choices”
If __________ then_________
When _________ then_________
________ is not available. You may have _____ or _____
Ex. Moonsand is not available. You may have markers or play dough. * Do not add other options, keep the options that are available the same *
B. Avoiding over stimulation will decrease the likelihood of tantrums.
1. Use sensory activities to reduce over stimulation. Gives and outlet for the “extra” energy.
2. Sensory activities should be offered during “rebound period” caused by medication wearing off. Typically occurs from 3:30p till- 5:30p
2. Avoid triggers
A. No / Now
1.Find alternatives such as “ You may not bite me you may ______ .

3. Reward positive behavior
A. “Catch” children behaving positively and give verbal praise and / or small rewards such as stickers.
B. Define “nice” with concrete examples instead of just saying “be nice”.
Ex. “Be nice, give PERSON a THING (hug, kiss, toy etc.)

4. General House Rules
A. Table Rules
1. “Sit right”
2. When eating you must stay at the table, if you get up your “finished”
B. When coming in from outside:
1. Hang up coat and backpack
2. Put shoes away.
C. No "hurting"

We will be following these guidelines over the next few weeks and monitoring changes in the boys behavior.. I'll keep you all posted.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a very well thought out plan of counter attack! Focus and I bet the execution is going to lead you down a really great path. Have I mentioned how proud I am of you lately?!

Sarah said...

Looks like a good plan! Please do keep us posted on how it works.

Holly's Mom said...

What a great plan. I have often heard that you should "ignore" a bad behavior and comment on when they did what you wanted.